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UK Casino Industry Safer Gaming Week

UK Casino Industry Safer Gaming Week

UK Casino Industry Safer Gaming Week

With the unpredictable future of the United Kingdom’s gaming advertising and national gambling market ace96 Singapore bet online, several players in the field have joined up for the Safer Gambling Week in 2015 along with gambling service organisations.

Industry unites to promote Safer Gambling Week | Coinslot International

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The national campaign, introduced on 19 November and is scheduled to last until 25 November. This year marks the fourth consecutive year, however, it’s the first time the initiative has been rebranded from the Responsible Gambling Week at Safer Gambling Week.

The purpose of this industry-led initiative is to launch broader discussions and talks on the value of healthy and responsible play and betting. It needs to include players, including consumers, players and the general public, in the fun and responsible way of playing gambling. In addition, business stakeholders, such as betting shops, casinos, internet operators and so on, also join together to encourage several resources, such as auto aid solutions, spending and time limitations and more secure gaming alerts and notifications.

The gambling board

The Betting and Gaming Board, Bingo Association and Bacta are leading the Safer Gambling Week, along with the Irish Bookmaker Association. The campaign has received sponsorship from all over the industry, including UK arcades, bingo-clubs, betting shops, casinos and online gambling operations.

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The week is also supported and now promoted by accountable gaming charities, such as the National Gambling Helpline, Gam Care and YGAM. Gaming charities encourage gamblers to find out about healthy gaming and get their employees primed for a surge in inquiries. United Kingdom online casino providers are now using banner advertising to inspire players to try out.

Comment on launch 

Commenting on this launch, Micheal Dugher, Chief Executive Officer of the BGC, said that safety gambling week is enormously significant, but more secure gambling should not only be seen as one week a year that the industry supports, but as a pledge for any week of the year. He went on to state, that some 30 million English people are playing a bet annually, and most of them are playing in a secure environment; but one issue player is too many, so the BGC is pleased to help the Safer Gambling Week.

Dugher also stressed that, since it was founded a year ago, the BGC is a major player in the gambling industry in the UK. He pointed out that the BGC has already taken a great deal in its first year: TV and radio ads are more healthy gaming, machine-cooling cycles are introduced, new IDs are introduced, age controls are inspected, and science, education and care funds are dramatically increased.

In this light, Mr. Dugher made it clear that the BGC is looking forward to working with the government to implement reforms that would improve consumer protection on an on-going basis.

As an industry, we are taking important steps for more consumer security. We are building a safer community for our clients with the rising safety of gambling posts in reaction to Covid-19 and a national education campaign of £ 10 million to cover all 11 to 19 years of age across the world.

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